Frequently Asked Questions

Alice Refunds

  • + What if I buy a ticket and I can’t watch the movie?

  • We will offer a full refund in the first half hour of the screening. We will not give a refund after the first half hour of the screening or at the conclusion of the screening. A complimentary ticket may be given depending on the circumstances

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Alice Child Ticket Ages

  • + Do toddlers pay?

  • Children ages 0-2 are free. Please notify the staff when buying tickets so we can allocate seating etc

  • + What is the ages for Child Tickets?

  • Children aged 3 to 14 years

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Alice Movie Money

  • + Can I pre purchase tickets?

  • Yes two ways. Firstly, if the movie is in our system we can print out your tickets and when the movie screens you can go straight in. Secondly, if you purchase movie money tickets (vouchers) you have up to a year to redeem them by going up to the counter a purchasing a ticket.

  • + Can a concession use a child movie money ticket?

  • No, unless the concession holder is 14 yrs. or younger; however the adult movie money is cheaper than the regular concession price.

  • + Can I pay extra if I have a child movie money ticket so an adult can use it?

  • Unfortunately our current computer system is unable to process the upgrade. When purchasing movie money, be mindful of the people using them.

  • + Can I sit where I want?

  • Yes we may at time to time have reserved seating but aside from those times, sit where you may.

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Alice Special Needs

  • + I am in a wheel chair can I still see what I want?

  • We have wheel chair access in all of our cinemas and we strive to be accommodating to all of our customers.

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Alice Code of Conduct

  • + Do you have a dress code?

  • Yes we do. We require you to wear shoes and to wear a top with sleeves. If you forget we do have loan shirts for a deposit of $5.

  • + What should I do if someone is causing a disruption during the movie?

  • Please come and tell either the duty manager or an usher and ask them to deal with it.

  • + How do I complain or make a suggestion?

  • Please talk to the duty manager or send us an email using our contact form.

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