About Us

About Us

Alice Springs Cinema has been a part of our community for nearly 30 years. A magical transformation of what was formerly the site of a supermarket, the Alice Springs Cinema opened in 1989 with two screens. A third screen was added in 1993 and the intimate cinema four added in 2003. 

Alice Springs Cinema has four screens and 551 comfortable, wool covered seats. Our candy bar has a wide range of treats to spoil yourself with when you see a movie, including our famous, hand-made choc tops.

Some of the reasons why your cinema is great...

The Best Choctops

In our handmade choctops made on site the icecream goes all the way to the bottom of the cones. We have creamy vanilla, velvety chocolate, fruity boysenberry, irresistible cookies and cream, flavorful choc spearmint and now the new bite-size vanilla for a small snack or say those smaller tummies. Yum!!


Freshly made, warm and lightly salted popcorn you can smell all the way from the carpark! What is a trip to the cinema without it?
Dunk our handmade choctops into it for a sweet/salty combination eat as is, it's all delicious! 

The latest audio and visual technology

 The cinema owners love cinema and technology so we invest in the latest technology for the best cinema experience. We are always on the lookout to keep our cinema up to date with the relevant tech to provide quality theater experiences for all customers. 

Date Nights and Events

From our Senior Meal Deal all week, our Movie Meal Deal on Mondays and Wednesdays, our Retro Nights to our Girls' Night Out events and Student Deals we have a range of fun things for you do to at your cinema. You can book for big or small groups to watch a movie, birthday parties or hire out a cinema for your own needs!

CandyBar and Alcohol Deals

The Big DIP for two. Not into sharing? The Survival Pack. Wine in a glass. Ticket and beer. Roasting hot coffee. A delicious bag of Maltesers poured into a hot box of popcorn. What drinks and snacks work for you? We've got the beverages and nibbles to help make your visit at the Cinema a great one.

Respect Policy

Alice Springs Cinema believes that all people should be treated with respect and courtesy.

Alice Springs Cinema will not tolerate abuse, threats or disrespectful behaviour towards our staff and anyone who behaves unacceptably will be asked to leave the cinema.

For more information please contact manager@alicespringscinema.com.au.

Other stuff

Dress Code

Alice Springs Cinema dress code requires all patrons to have clean and tidy dress at all times.  Workwear, torn or dirty clothing are not permitted. Footwear must be worn at all times.

The management reserves the right to refuse entry. See below for full conditions of entry.

Contact Us

Location: 11 Todd Mall Alice Springs NT 0871

Postal Address: PO Box 4992 Alice Springs NT 0871

Phone: (08) 8953 2888

Email: Please use our contact form


Alice Accommodation

To find and book hotels nearby, visit http://www.hotelscombined.com.au/

Conditions of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, staff and event participants, the following Conditions of Entry apply to all Alice Springs Cinema attendees.

Conditions may vary for specific events – refer to the ticket information and the event website for more information. These Conditions of Entry are to be read in conjunction with the conditions that apply to all specific events.

Patrons who do not comply with the Conditions of Entry will not be permitted entry. Patrons who have been admitted but subsequently fail to comply with the Conditions of Entry may be removed from Alice Springs Cinema without refund of any entry fee(s).

Dress Code

For general admission and where dress codes have not been specified, patrons are requested to, at minimum, be appropriately clothed for a public venue and:

- footwear must be worn at all times
- patrons must be of clean, neat and tidy appearance.  Workwear, torn or damaged clothing may not be worn in the cinema;
- patrons must not wear or display items which bear offensive, racist, radical, fanatical, inflammatory, obscene, derogatory or provocative slogans, signage or logos
- patrons must not wear or display any item for the sole or dominant purpose of ambush marketing; and
- patrons must not wear, display or possess items which bear street gang or motor cycle gang colours, including and not limited to patches, jackets, T-shirts, badges,        other clothing or paraphernalia or items bearing a motor cycles gang’s insignia.

Refusal of Entry

Alice Springs Cinema, its staff, agents and security contractors may refuse entry to any person, and in particular to any person:

- considered to be violent, intoxicated, disorderly or quarrelsome
- not holding a valid ticket or other form of entry pass;
- carrying items which have the potential to cause injury or nuisance;
- who possesses or appears to be affected by a prohibited drug; or
- who does not comply with these Conditions of Entry (including stipulated dress codes).

Food and drink

- Patrons must not bring or consume outside food or drink into the Cinema.
- Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is not permitted at Alice Springs Cinema.
- Alcohol must not be taken away from Alice Springs Cinema.
- Alcohol must not be consumed in any G rated movie or otherwise designated children’s film.
- Alice Springs Cinema encourages the safe, sensible and responsible consumption of alcohol by patrons.
  Patrons who are impaired or unruly due to intoxication irrevocably consent to being treated by Alice Springs Cinema in a manner appropriate to their degree of     impairment or intoxication and must, to the extent permitted by law, indemnify Alice Springs Cinema from any losses, claims or proceedings suffered by Alice   Springs Cinema as a result of such impairment or intoxication.


- Patrons must possess a current, valid ticket to gain entry to Alice Springs Cinema. 
- Persons found with a lost, stolen, counterfeit, damaged or unreadable ticket will be refused entry or evicted (as the case may be) from the premises. 
- Concession patrons are required to produce their concession card to gain entry to the Alice Springs Cinema.
-  Alice Springs Cinema may refuse entry to any patron who attempts to enter or re-enter Alice Springs Cinema using a pass-out, but not in possession of their original entry ticket. 

General Conditions:

Patrons are admitted into the Alice Springs Cinema at their own risk.
- Patrons irrevocably consent to Alice Springs Cinema, at any time, inspecting and searching (or either) their bags, clothes or possessions regardless of size.
-Alice Springs Cinema may not be held responsible for confiscated items (including alcohol).
- Unless authorised by Alice Springs Cinema, patrons must not enter any part of Alice Springs Cinema that is restricted from public access.
- Patrons must not interfere with, obstruct or hinder Alice Springs Cinema or any activity conducted on the stage or performance.
- Throwing objects is prohibited and will result in the patron responsible being evicted (penalties will apply).
- Patrons who cause a disturbance, are offensive, discriminatory, display anti-social behaviour, use foul or abusive language, make racial or threatening remarks    or gestures, commit indecent exposure or refuse to comply with reasonable requests made by Alice Springs Cinema may be evicted.
- The use of photographic, video or audio equipment for commercial purposes is not permitted within Alice Springs Cinema.
- Cameras including mobile telephones with camera interfacing, must not be used in areas such as the cinemas, change rooms, parenting rooms and toilets.
- Security cameras operate around and within Alice Springs Cinema and patrons may be filmed, photographed, or otherwise recorded.
- Patrons bringing personal items into Alice Springs Cinema do so at their own risk. Alice Springs Cinema may not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of a patron’s personal property.
- Patrons must not sell any goods or services or give away political, religious, advertising or promotional materials without the prior written consent of Alice Springs Cinema.
- Patrons may not conduct public surveys or opinion polls or solicit money, donations or subscriptions from members of the public, without the prior written consent of Alice Springs Cinema.
- Littering is prohibited - patrons are requested to use waste receptacles located around and within Alice Springs Cinema.
- Any person found mistreating, tampering, defacing or damaging any part of Alice Springs Cinema or the surrounds will be evicted from Alice Springs Cinema and may face prosecution.
- Any articles placed at the entrance to Alice Springs Cinema must not be left unattended. Alice Springs Cinema accepts no responsibility for personal articles and reserves the right to remove any such articles.
- Alice Springs Cinema reserves the right to close the Alice Springs Cinema regardless of whether or not all ticket holders entitled to admission have gained admission to Alice Springs Cinema, if in the opinion of Alice Springs Cinema, the admission of further persons to Alice Springs Cinema would or might endanger the safety of those persons who seek admission or have already been admitted.
- Prams and strollers are generally permitted within Alice Springs Cinema. However, due to space limitations and for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons, Alice Springs Cinema may from time to time, control the number of prams or strollers permitted within Alice Springs Cinema (restrictions apply for storage locations).
- Alice Springs Cinema does not represent to any patron that he or she will find a space in Alice Springs Cinema considered by him or her to be suitable for viewing the film or event.
- To the extent permitted by law, by entering Alice Springs Cinema, each patron agrees that Alice Springs Cinema and its representatives, servants and agents, shall not be liable to that patron for any loss or damage, (including without limitation, loss or damage caused by the negligence of the Alice Springs Cinema or its servants and agents and incidental and consequential loss or damage), arising in any manner wholly or partly from or in connection with his or her use of Alice Springs Cinema.
- Alice Springs Cinema may replace or vary these Conditions of Entry at any time and without notice.